Indasa Rhynowood Dry Sanding Sheets, 4 Series

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Product Overview:

Indasa Rhynowood Dry Sanding Sheets (4 Series) is the original dry abrasive sandpaper that produces a smooth, even finish on woodwork and veneers. Rhynowood is very economical and ideally suited for wood furniture and decorative applications.

Indasa Rhynowood features a durable hard wearing B-weight backing paper and aluminum oxide grain for fast cutting action and uniform scratch pattern.

Sold in full size 9" x 11" sheets, 50 sheets per sleeve.

Indasa Rhynowood Sanding Sheets, 5

Application Suggestions:

  • Wood furniture
  • Decorative applications
  • Woodwork
  • Wood veneers

Features and Benefits:

  • Economical, great value for the price
  • Durable hard wearing B-weight backing paper
  • Aluminum oxide grain for fast cutting action
  • Results in uniform scratch pattern

Product Specification:

  • B weight paper
  • Aluminum oxide abrasive grain
  • Modified synthetic resin bonding
  • Brown color
  • 9" x 11" sheets
  • 50 sheets per sleeve