Indasa Mixing System Kit, 125µm Blue Filter, 400ml (14oz) Size, 611258

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Product Overview:

Indasa Mixing System (IMS) Kit with 125µm Blue Filter in 400ml (14oz) Size (611241) is designed to help you maximize the productivity of your small paint projects by experiencing effortless convenience, money savings and excellent results.

IMS benefits include a simple two-part single use system, no liner to cause color distortion or pigment concentration, integrated filter for fast and secure assembly, flat lids for stackable storage, smart valve for optimized paint flow and clear cup graduations made of durable high-grade polypropylene plastic. 

IMS kits are available in two different color filter lids for easy identification; 125µm filter Blue lid often recommended for water-based coatings and a 190µm filter Clear lid often recommended for traditional solvent-based coating.

IMS kits are made in four different sizes including 200ml, 400ml, 600ml and 800ml volumes.

A wide range of Indasa paint spray gun adapters are available. Attach the appropriate adapter to your paint spray gun and simply push down to securely connect to the IMS paint cup lid and pull to release from the paint cup lid. Download the IMS Paint Spray Gun Compatibility Chart to learn which adapter is designed for your particular spray gun here.

Indasa IMS Set Up Overview

Features and Benefits:

  • No liner results in no color distortion or pigment concentration
  • Integrated filter for fast and secure assembly
  • Flat lids for stackable storage
  • 2-part system for simple handling
  • Smart Valve for optimized paint flow
  • Two available filters, Blue for 125 microns and Clear for 190 microns
  • High Grade Polypropylene plastic result in a robust and flexible cup
  • Single use mixing system for clean parts every job
  • Clear cup graduation are calibrated and reliable mixing rations
  • Silicone-free for confidence in the application

Included Items:

  • IMS Cup, 400ml (14oz), Qty 50
  • IMS Filtered Lid, 125µm, Blue, Qty 50
  • IMS Flat Storage Lid, Qty 5
  • IMS Cap/Plugs, 40mm, Qty 10