Indasa Rhyno Sponge Sanding Pads

Indasa Sponge Hand Sanding Pads are extremely flexible and tear resistant and may be used for wet or dry sanding.

Excellent for use on contours and hard to reach areas. These pads offer very long working lifetime, featuring a strong foam backing and aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive. Indasa Rhyno Sponge Single Side 3000 series pads are for use for primers, top coats, clear coats, fiberglass & gel-coat materials, solid surface materials, soft and resinous wood and wood coatings. Indasa Rhyno Sponge Double Sided Pads are for use on primer, filler, paint, composite and gel-coat materials. Indasa Double Side 3100B Series Hand Pads are for use on wood, wood coatings and dry wall.