Indasa Rhynostick MFS Daisy 1.4" Finishing Sanding Discs, 100 Pack

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Product Overview:

Indasa Rhynostick MFS Daisy 1.4" PSA Finishing Sanding Discs are ideal for small spot paint rectification.

Designed for precision sanding, these discs may be used wet or dry and produce the perfect surface for pre polishing applications.

The MFS Daisy Discs are 1.4" (36mm) in size, with a daisy shape that helps prevent over sanding. Features and adhesive sticky-back (PSA) and silicon carbide grain to produce a uniform scratch pattern.

Perfectly suited for use with Indasa Daisy Hand Pad (DAISY-PAD) and Indasa E-Series PRO X Smart Repair Kit (612712)

Available in 2,000 and 2,500 grits.

Sold 100 discs per package.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uniformity of scratch pattern - Optimum substrate preparation
  • Small disc size - Ideal for spot repair
  • Daisy shape - reduces over sanding
  • Use with water - Smooth finish sanding

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 1.4" (36mm)
  • Shape: Daisy / Rosette
  • Backing: PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive)
  • Grits: 2,000P and 2,500P
  • Abrasive Grain: Silicon Carbide
  • Quantity: 100 discs per pack