Indasa Fine Line Blue Tape, 6mm (1/4"), 570975

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Product Overview:

Indasa 6mm (0.25") Fine Line Blue Tape (570975) is a high performance PVC backed tape that features flexibility, extremely low profile, easy clean removal, 269°F (132°C) temp rating and excellent conformability for curves and contours to produce extremely sharp paint lines.

Excellent choice for masking off color line separations. High tack but leaves no adhesive residue. High temperature resistance for low bake refinishing.

Should not be used outdoors for extended periods as exposure to sunlight may make tape difficult to remove.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely flat PVC backed low profile
  • Flexible for excellent conformability to make curves and contours
  • Easy clean removal
  • 269°F (132°C) temp rating


Compare To:

  • 3M 471+ Fine Line Masking Tape

Indasa Fine Line Blue Tape Application Picture

Product Specification:

  • Color: Blue, matte
  • Packaging: 1 roll 
  • Sizes:
    • 3mm (1/8") x 55m, #570968
    • 6mm (1/4") x 55m, #570975
    • 9mm (11/32") x 55m, #570982
    • 12mm (15/32") x 55m, #570999
    • 19mm (3/4") x 55m, #571002
  • Download data sheet here