Indasa 5" Rhynostick RedLine PSA Solid Sanding Link Roll Discs, 500-LR Series

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Product Overview:

Indasa 5" Rhynostick Red Line Solid Sanding Link Roll Discs (500-LR Series) are the perfect choice for use on most materials and applications including heavy sanding, prep sanding, fine sanding, blending, rectifying and micro-finishing prior to polishing. 

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing allows for use with flat vinyl face backup pads. Easy Peel Tab System allows for fast, trouble-free liner removal even when wearing gloves.

The RedLine series is Indasa's premium abrasive line designed with the highest quality aluminum oxide mineral grains and a lubricant coating to resist clogging. Available in a wide grit selection, the result is an abrasive system with extremely high cutting power and stock removal, flexibility, consistent finish and very long working life time.

Indasa RedLine Rhynostick Link Roll style discs are available in 5" and 6" sizes and packaged on a convenient roll for easy disc tear off; grit range from 80 to 600 grit.

Also available in Boxed Easy Release Tabs for cleaner storage, easy transfer to backup pad and a wider grit and size selection.

Compares To:

  • 3M Gold and Purple
  • Mirka Gold and Q Silver
  • Norton A275 Original Performance, A975 Dry Ice

Application Suggestions:

  • Old paint
  • Fillers
  • Primers
  • Top Coats
  • Clear Coats
  • Fiberglass / Gelcoat
  • Solid Surfaces
  • Metals
  • Wood and Wooden Floors

Features and Benefits:

  • High initial cutting action for rapid stock removal
  • High flexibility is adaptable to curves and contoured surfaces
  • Uniform scratch pattern for optimal surface preparation
  • High resistance to clogging provides very long working life time
  • Anti-static and dust-repellent
  • High quality mineral grains for high stock removal
  • Link-roll tear-off style

Product Specification:

  • C/D weight backing paper
  • Aluminum Oxide abrasive
  • Modified synthetic resin bonding
  • PSA sticky backing for use with flat vinyl face backup pads
  • 5" size discs
  • Link-roll style
  • Sold 100 discs per roll for 80 to 600 grit
  • Indasa 500-LR series, Part # 500LR-GRIT